About Us

We are Alani Aromatherapy and Natural Skincare.  An Aromatherapist and Holistic Therapist is the founder and formulator of the products you see here.  With the rise in awareness of parabens and synthetics and how they can irritate and negatively effect the skin, we have designed some products that we love to use and want others to share.


So, where does the name 'Alani' come from?  In Hawaii, 'Alani' is a name meaning 'Orange Tree'.  We love Sweet Orange essential oil.  It has uplifting properties that awaken the spirit and calm the soul.  This is definitely one of our favourite essential oils and we use it in many of our products.

The products we have in store at this time are for the use of beauty and holistic therapists, as well as the general public.  Our first developed product is the Reflexology Balms, that can also be used as moisturisers.  5 years ago there was little choice for natural products and I was passionate about finding a solution.   It has taken that time to develop my own knowledge and skills in order to formulate effective and natural products.


There are more products on their way, so watch this space...

If you are a therapist and are interested in a therapist discount, please contact us at: admin@alaniaroma.co.uk